Who we are

Punto929 is an international grocery store created to attend to the needs of foreign groups in Mexico. Founded by a community of foreigners, we aim to curb nostalgia for our clients by bringing home to wherever they are located in the country.

What we Do

In collaboration with our domestic and foreign partners, we focus on providing international groceries from tropical Africa, South America, Asia and the Caribbean. Among other projects, we are currently working on various initiatives for production, processing, packaging and distribution of several products. Besides having a physical location for nearby clients, we offer same day deliveries for clients within the Monterrey metropolitan area. For other regions in the country we offer safe and reliable next day delivery options.

Why we Exist

At the core of our values, we seek to create pleasing consumption experience for our clients through our commitment to continuously supply international grocery. We also aim to encourage multicultural integration in the society. Visit our blog to discover recipes to prepare exiting international dishes.